Grabbing a chilled soda from the fridge after an exhausting day is one of the easiest and perhaps satisfying things to do. We tend to opt for more fun and flavored option when choosing a drink. Plus, the added sugar and caffeine give you a momentary high that is said to be addictive.

It is widely known that carbonated drinks are a bad addition to your daily diet. They are linked to obesity, poor dental health, and diabetes. Despite this, people tend to gravitate towards such drinks, and it takes time to get out of the habit of doing so.

If you’re reading this, it probably means you want to get rid of your soda habit. The list below provides some tips and replacements for those who actively consume soda but are looking to cut down their intake.

 Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Often, when you consume soda, it is because you’re confusing it with thirst. The urge to drink soda is a craving that you can get rid of by tricking your brain into drinking water.

Drink a tall glass of water, wait for a few minutes, and notice the craving fade. You’ve been able to quench your third -if that was what your body asked for, or you’ve settled the soda craving with a glass of water.

This way, you’ve not only replaced your soda with water but become hydrated, which is always a plus.

Keep a Jug of Water in The Fridge

When you feel your body craving a soda, your mind pictures something cold to drink. This makes you gravitate towards the soda kept in your fridge, chilled. To make sure this doesn’t happen too often, keep a jug of water refrigerated at all times.

Make sure to prepare this fresh daily because once it’s in the fridge for more than one day, it will start tasting stale, making you opt for something else. If your cravings are still intense, try to make water taste interesting.

Squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice as much as desired and toss some freshly chopped fruits into it. Pour over some crushed ice in the full glass to add some texture to the drink.

Avoid Going Hungry for Too Long

Staying hungry for long periods can increase your cravings, including sugar cravings i.e., soda. This is why make sure to have proper meals throughout the day so you can avoid soda cravings.

Having a snack with your meals if you feel hunger pangs is an excellent way to keep the cravings at bay. Meal prep, too, can help you avoid situations in which you stay hungry for a long time.

Opt for Another Sweet Drink/Snack

Sugar is addictive. You’ll find yourself craving it every so often, and that is normal. If you’ve been consistent with your soda intake, you’re likely to feel the need to drink it more than others.

Sometimes this is easily fixable with a healthier sweet alternative. When you’re looking to replace your carbonated drink, you don’t have to choose the extreme opposite of it. This restriction can momentarily make your body stop craving soda, but there is always a high chance of relapse.

Replace your soda with healthy sweet treats like fruits. Mangoes, pineapples, and berries are a good option for sweet drinks. Add some fruits with yogurt for a sweet treat. However, keep in mind that fruit juices are still high in sugar, so, while a healthier option, do stick to sugary treats more.

The General Takeaway

Saying a firm goodbye to soda is not an easy job. You’re going to feel the craving every so often, but with a combination of diet and willpower, you might be able to eliminate soda from your diet eventually.

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