If you feel like you have tried every page of your diet book but can’t seem to get rid of fat, it may be possible you are doing something wrong. I know it may feel like you are just not meant for skinny jeans, but like a lot of ‘slimming food,’ weight-loss advice isn’t always fit for consumption. A recent study found out that there is next to no data to back up some of the prevalent pound-shedding tactics.

But don’t feel bad. We all, at some point, have fallen for these weight-loss techniques in the past. While we all wish for a fast weight loss, keep an eye out for strategies that might be thwarting your attempts to shift those numbers on the scale.

1)    Just be hungry

We often hear people say, “It is okay to feel hungry. You will get over it eventually”. You might get used to it, but fast weight loss doesn’t necessarily require you to go hungry. Usually, people give this advice, thinking if you’re hungry, you’ll consume fewer calories. This is true; lower calories lead to weight loss, but that doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. Going hungry on Sunday may not guarantee a three-pound decrease on Monday. It is a lot more complicated than that.

2)    All fat is bad fat

Our body needs fat for multiple reasons. For example, some vitamins and minerals are only soluble witsh fat, not water. Our bodies need fat; it is an excellent source of energy. When you try to lose fat and scrape it as an energy source, you will most likely replace it with processed foods that are high in simple carbs. Those foods will actually make you gain weight, not lose it. Thus, merely eating low-fat but highly processed foods does not exactly lead to weight loss.

3)    Weight loss supplements

Drinking detox teas and taking fat-burning supplements will not help you reduce weight loss faster. According to Mayo Clinic, very little research has been done to prove the effectiveness of weight-loss supplements, thus relying on them entirely to get in shape is unrealistic. Rather than depending on fat-burning pills or detox teas, follow a more wholesome diet and exercise regularly. Anything that promises a quick and easy solution is usually just a scam.

4)    Water weight is easy to shed

There is no weight that you can just ‘sweat off.’ If that were the case, we’d all sit in the sauna and shed all our weights off. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Sweating weight off is a myth. Otherwise, we’d all lose 5 pounds with every trip to the beach.

Water weight doesn’t work that way. Unless you have severe inflammation or water retention issues, you probably don’t even have as much water weight stored up that is just waiting to be released.

Be very careful about following advice meant to shed water through diuretics, as this can lead to severe complications and dehydration. Also, you will not drop 10 pounds in a day by staying dehydrated. So do not avoid drinking water due to the fear of gaining water weight.

However, remember, the scale does not define you, nor does it reflect how healthy you are. Your goal should be to exercise daily, eat healthy, regardless of what the scale shows you. You are eating healthy and working out; it may be possible to experience a tiny bit of weight gain due to increased muscle mass. According to Everyday Health, muscle is a lot denser than fat and thus takes up more space in the body. This means you can lose fat and gain muscle, look leaner while maintaining the same weight.

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